A coach helps you attain your goals by evaluating where you are in your development , noting what you’re doing right, what        you’re doing wrong, then implementing programs & specific exercises to facilitate correction. A good coach helps you achieve  mastery by teaching you to coach yourself. You’ll learn things you didn’t even know you don’t know, recognize your limits, then push yourself to the edge & beyond. The end result is growth and excellence ~ ‘Personal Excellence.’

It’s obvious, in listening to songwriter submissions, many wish, hope, & dream for commercial success, but it's often unclear as to what makes a song commercial. In addition, many would-be songwriters don’t know how to get their work into the right hands or do a proper demo. Hundreds of dollars are spent on demos that can’t be  used because the song wasn't ready. Let’s face it, a good demo makes an OK song sound great, but a great demo can never turn a good song into a great one.

It’s so disappointing when you pour heart & soul (& a big chunk of change) into your work, only to hear a publisher tell you:

  • I can’t use it,

  • It’s a good idea but  not working for me

  • The second verse is weak, or it needs a bridge,

  • I can’t make out the lyric (because the band is overpowering)

  • The song is way too long, or no reply at all.


Okay, so you have a song or two published-what does that mean?  Are you aware of the various streams of income?    

If a publisher likes your song enough to offer you a publishing contract, it doesn’t guarantee monetary profit from the song. Publishers DO NOT get paid until songs make it onto records that make money.  Something to think about when you  start pitching your songs!  Your competition is made up of the thousands of songwriters out there & the few hundred getting most of the cuts. Producers often go back to writers they like to mine material for new albums. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those writers? 


Writing commercial songs isn’t easy, in fact it’s a bit like becoming a neurosurgeon. You need a chance to work on a few cadavers, dissecting & probing your dead songs to see what went wrong ~ do a few autopsies. It is possible to resurrect a forgotten work & breathe new life into it. Though it usually takes some grafting of new material, it can happen.

Serious songwriters are willing to look at new ways of doing things. They take the time  & effort to study, prepare, & invest in themselves by taking classes, going to workshops, & buying books (and reading them). What if you could train the same way an athlete trains? What if you worked with someone who could see your weaknesses & help you correct them? What if you had someone to encourage you, be truly honest with you, inspire you, while at the same time push you to greatness? If this were available, would you be willing to do what it takes?


Trio Productions’ coaching program, first offered in 1998,

is one of the first coaching programs ever available for

songwriters.  Over the years, we’ve worked with writers of 

varying degrees of success. This program is intended for writers 

wanting to take their craft to the next level of excellence,

the goal being commercial success. We realize it's not for

everyone, but the benefits are limitless.

Are you one of the few who would qualify for our program?


What we look for in a coaching client:

Willingness to be vulnerable




















The crafting aspect of songwriting is critical to your success.

Contact Robyn to see how it can work for you.





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