Robyn Taylor-Drake


Founder and President Robyn Taylor-Drake’s is originally from Alberta, Canada & her first musical interests, piano and voice, soon expanded to guitar and songwriting. She studied classical piano, theory, harmony and voice and by age 18 she’d met the Canadian requirements for teaching certificates with both the Western Board of Music and The Royal Conservatory of Music.


After high school she moved to the U.S. to attend university. She married and ended up in Nashville, Tennessee where she became fascinated with an almost extinct instrument, the Appalachian Dulcimer. Her (former) father-in-law, bluegrass musician, Tut Taylor was also intrigued by the elegant simplicity of this almost extinct instrument and encouraged Robyn to explore it. She generated interest by performing at bluegrass festivals, craft fairs, and various events with musical partner, Cammy (Williams) Vaughn. Together they recorded ‘Tennessee Dulcimer Works & Friends’, with executive producer, Charles DeBray. “Friends” included Pat Flynn, Bela Fleck, Buddy Spicher, Mark Howard, Mark Shatz, Mac Gayden, Kathy Chiavola, and the late John Hartford and Roy Husky, Jr.


When her first marriage ended, she put music on hold in order to raise her four children and explore other interests and opportunities. She operated a successful interior design company, studied holistic healing modalities, including Reiki, Homeopathy, Hypnosis and NLP.  If you have a conversation with her, you’ll quickly appreciate that her time spent in these areas continues to influence her life and business.  She was offered a position at a publishing company as a songplugger and suddenly found herself immersed in the strange world of music publishing. In 1998 she began a ‘coaching’ program designed to educate songwriters in the craft of writing and the business aspects of this complicated industry.  This program works because it is tailored specifically to the individual vs a 'one size fits all' course.


"Supporting writers with proper tools provides them a means to develop and prepare for publishing deals or future song plugging relationships. I teach writers to recognize what works and why; what doesn’t work and why; how to know what to change (in a song) to improve it."  


When the student ‘gets it right’, she pitches the songs when and where appropriate. The benefits to the writer includes: insider information, understanding of forming trends, a place to ask the questions you’re reluctant to ask, and someone truly vested in your success, with potential representation of your material.


‘I have the tools and experience to help songwriters rise to the next level of excellence. Songwriting is time-consuming; my time is more effectively used by sharing my knowledge of songwriting & publishing with writers who are thirsty for support and guidance. Coaching is satisfying because I give valuable insight and teach the ‘why’ along side the ‘how’. If even a handful of the writers I have coached go on to write hit songs, I’ll be well satisfied.’


Robyn is married to Johnny Drake, son of legendary steel guitar player, Pete Drake, thus the hyphenated last name.  

Contact:    or 615. 726-5810


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