Robyn, a  multi-faceted teacher and mentor, has the innate ability to meet her students wherever they are on their musical paths. She teaches the fundamentals of theory, how to compose a coherent piece of music & how to write tighter lyrics.          

She's encouraging and a huge support through the ups and downs in  the creative process. Her technical knowledge & empathic wisdom are a powerful combination.

Robyn will helped you become a more confident songwriter and more empowered

artist. She’s a gem and will

no doubt enrich your life.              


 - Kate T. 

Piano For Songwriters

Are your songwriting skills limited by your inability to play an instrument or a limited knowledge of musical keys, chords & their relationships?


It must be frustrating to hear melodies in your head and be dependent on someone else to ‘get it out’ into musical form. I find my best melodies at times when there’s no one around ~ thankfully I can go to my piano or guitar and get it down.  If I didn’t have that ability, songwriting would be frustrating!


Piano for Songwriters Class

Don’t stay stuck!  In my PIANO FOR SONGWRITERS course, I'll meet you on your path (wherever you are) and get you on your way.  You don’t have to learn to read music unless you want to, since this course is targeted to assist in writing songs vs playing sheet music or a musical score.  


What will you learn?

You’ll no longer be at the mercy of co-writers when it comes to the musical part of your songs!


You'll learn:

  • Relationships of keys / scales / chords & how to transpose into any key; how to train your ear & fundamentals of the 'Nashville number system'  

  • Every scale & chord combination contains everything you need for any song. You'll learn to play fluidly while singing your compositions.  

  • Tricks to maximize practice time, translating into MAXIMUM progress.  With 45 minutes of lesson time once a week, + 20 – 30 minutes of practice time 5 days a week,  you are guaranteed to see results! That’s 3.25 hrs per week.


The best part is, we do it over the phone or Skype AND we’ll have loads of fun doing it. You'll need a keyboard, a notebook and a pencil - that's it!


Your songwriting is worth it ~ you’re worth it! 

Contact Robyn and get started!



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